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2016/02/27(六)雅痞爵士演奏會:《Thomas' Groovin'》托瑪斯的爵士律動

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Thomas’ Groovin’

2/27 (六) 19:00

貝斯 Thomas Helton
鋼琴 Oren Dashti
爵士鼓 Chuck Payne



而托馬斯的演奏技巧音色渾厚、情感豐富,總能將爵士樂的撥奏發揮得淋漓盡致!這次雅痞特地邀請托馬斯與以色列鋼琴家Oren、爵士鼓Chuck Payne,為大家帶來一場令人驚喜的低音提琴爵士律動…


 貝斯 Thomas Helton

Thomas Helton is a composer and bassist who writes and performs music in both solo and ensemble settings. 

As a composer, Mr. Helton has been given several awards including : 
-The Houston Arts Alliance Individual Artist Fellowship Grant in 2007 for the commission and premiere of a new work for fifteen-piece ensemble, the Torture Chamber Ensemble. 
-An Artist Residency for the commission and premiere of Pride from DiverseWorks ArtSpace in Houston in October 2004, 
a work for ten-piece ensemble and video projection created in collaboration with video artist Maria del Carmen Montoya. 
He was also featured at the 2009 ISB Bass Convention curated by Mark Dresser. Thomas has released three CD’s: Doublebass; Experimentations in Minimalism; and Saga. All three have received positive reviews in the press in both in the U.S. and Europe. 
In the spring of 2010 he spent 3 month a the TAKT Artist residency in Berlin, Germany. While there he performed at many of the cities avant-garde venues with local musicians, Simon Rose, Matthias Mueller, Klaus Kuervers, Chris Heenan and bassist Clayton Thomas. Upon returning to the USA, Thomas completed a very successful west coast tour. Among some of the performances were NORCAL Noisefest, USC Bakersfield, UNT and a special performance with bassist Damon Smith at Tex Gallery in Denton,TX. 
He recently released a new solo, DVD collaboration with videographer Jonathan Jindra. The film was featured at the International Society of Improvised Music Conference during a recent  east coast. He plans to continue a US tour in 2012 and a potential tour of Europe is in the works. 
In 2013 Thomas took over the non-profit group, The Houston Composers Alliance which presents original work by modern composers. 2013 also saw the release of his group, The Core Trio. The recording was a live improvisation with New York piano great, Robert Boston.
A new release by The Core Trio featuring Matthew Shipp is now available.

鋼琴 Oren Dashti


爵士鼓 Chuck Payne

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